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Simplify digital collaborations with Studio in Revu

Simplify digital collaborations with Studio in Revu

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month! That may be a much needed friendly reminder for many as we head into the ninth month of the year already, Happy September everyone!

As we start the new month, we’ve decided to share a useful tool for digital collaboration featured in the new version of Bluebeam Revu. Studio is a tool that we believe will continue to grow in demand within the UK, one that can be of benefit to almost any team in the AEC industry. With that being said, we would highly recommend you watch the two videos below!

What are Studio Sessions?

Studio Sessions is a cloud-based collaboration tool, that allows project partners to markup and edit the same documents at the same time. While containing a complete record of any changes made. Sessions is included in all editions of Revu.

Only the host needs a Revu license to initiate a Studio Session, and all invited attendees can participate in the Session through Revu or Revu for iPad. If collaborators do not have a license of Revu, they can use Revu in View Mode or Vu for iPad.

What are Studio Projects?

Studio Projects is a light weight document storage and management system that allows you to share files and manage access for all project members. These stored files can then be checked out and edited by individual users, once they are checked back in the file history is logged and stored for later review.

Teams can work with Project files regardless of internet access—simply sync files locally from a Project before going offline and re-sync any updates once you reconnect. Collaborators who do not own a license of Revu can access the files using Revu in View Mode or Vu for iPad. Or, you can send them password-protected Share Links, which allow them to download a local copy of the files.

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