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TechScience UK is a software and consultancy company focused on helping Architectural, Engineering, and Construction offices provide the best possible services when implementing new software. 

Our team consists of Architects and Engineers with many years of experience in the fields of Architecture and Structural Engineering. With our practical knowledge of the industry, we can provide much more than any typical technical software support. Including additional design & consultancy services, that can help our clients to be more productive and meet today’s needs in quality and speed.

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The n°1 CAD alternative in DWG, trusted by industry leaders and millions of users

Available for Windows, macOS and Linux
Native DWG application
Create & Modify drawings in 2D and 3D

A Professional Cross-Platform CAD based on DWG

Designed to take your drawings Anywhere

Experience the agility of ARES Commander to create and modify DWG drawings in 2D and 3D on your computers. Leverage the drafting and design features that you’ve come to expect for your DWG files, at a significant cost savings.
ARES Commander brings your productivity to the next level with smart productivity tools and a unique concept: The Trinity of CAD™

Some of the main features:

Compare DWG documents

The new Drawing Compare palette allows you to compare the current drawing with another one. E.g., Understand modifications made by a colleague, compare two options for the same project, show before and after, etc.
Edit Hatches and Gradients Faster and Very Intuitively
Select any hatch entity and you will see grips that will help you to manipulate directly the shape. Hovering over a grip point displays also a contextual menu with editing options.

Push and Pull 2D and Faces into 3D Solids

With Push and Pull you can select the face of a 3D solid or 2D entities and extrude or subtract them in 3D. You can edit 3D solids by pushing or pulling faces. Push and Pull will also extrude closed areas like a rectangle, closed polyline or circle into a 3D solid and subtract any enclosed area. Alternatively, you can Push and Pull only selected entities. Arcs or Splines are converted into meshed surfaces.

Custom Blocks

The Custom Block Editor is launched with the command _EDITCUSTOMBLOCK or after a double-click on a block. You can use it to modify any block reference and also make them parametric in size and shape.
The contextual ribbon includes features to combine special grips and actions such as Move, Scale, Stretch, Rotate, Pattern, or Mirror. You may, for example, create a custom block whose size can be dynamically adjusted with a grip you can stretch.

Export BIM data to tables and Excel

The Data Extraction wizard enables you to quickly create a bill of materials or to extract other types of information from your drawings.


Select entities and filter only the data you want to extract. You can further insert it as a table in the drawing or generate a file that can be imported in a spreadsheet.

Import & filter IFC and Revit files in your DWG file

The BIM Navigator palette enables you to import and view one or multiple BIM files in ARES Commander. Supported formats include IFC (versions 2X3, 4 and 4×2), as well as RVT (Revit versions 2011 through 2020).
You can further use the filters to show/hide only the objects you need, combining criteria such as the discipline, category, floor, class, or other BIM properties.

Read BIM objects properties

Select objects and read their BIM properties with ARES Commander. While viewing and rotating the BIM project you can select objects. The BIM Navigator will highlight them in the Elements tree and the Properties Palette will display their BIM properties. Alternatively, you may select the objects from the elements tree and they will be highlighted in the project.

Speed up 3D Solid Modeling

The new Offset Edges and Convert Edges commands help you to extract 2D entities from the edges of 3D solids or surfaces. This is in particular useful to extract construction entities you will use as a reference to create other 3D shapes combining with boolean operations or Push/pull actions

Insert Satellite Images or Street Maps in Your DWG Drawings

Get free maps service for ARES Commander subscribers. Search for any address and get street maps and satellite images to insert in the background of your drawings. This professional map service is developed in collaboration with Esri, the world leader for GIS solutions. Maps are geo-referenced and offer different levels of details depending on the zoom factor. You can draw on top of these base maps or use the enquiry tools to collect the coordinates of a specific point, the area of a specific selection or the distance between two points. This plugin requires Internet service and is free with a valid ARES subscription.

3D real-time Rendering

The ARES Render Plugin is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) real-time rendering technology. Its GPU-based raytracing render engine utilizes NVIDIA’s CUDA Technology to quickly visualize presentation-ready images of your 3D projects. It simulates realistic material behavior and reflections in real-time, under different lighting situations.


+ Physical Real-Time Rendering
+ Scientifically Accurate Materials
+ Simplified and very interactive
+ Easy Lighting
+ High-Quality Image Input

Dedicated to Productivity

Any OS:
ARES Commander can be installed on Windows, macOS or several Linux distributions


Work offline:
ARES Commander is fully installed on your laptops and/or computers as you have ever been used to


Buy 1 license and work from any computer:
ARES Commander, the same user can work from up to 2 computers simultaneously and even log out to work from other computers. You may even use computers under different operating systems.


CAD anywhere:
When you buy ARES Commander you also get a 1 year subscription for ARES Touch (to work on your Android and iOS devices) and ARES Kudo, our cloud-based solution.


Support included:
When you buy ARES Commander the license includes a 1-year subscription to receive all the updates as well as access to our Support Desk via email. Upon expiration you are free to renew your support agreement or withdraw.

Switch to ARES Commander from other CAD systems

ARES Commander is a switch made easy – providing a familiar look & feel that is intuitive for any experienced CAD user. Much more than a cost-effective alternative for DWG-editing, ARES Commander is making no compromises in features and innovations.
We offer a 30-days trial version that will allow you to test ARES Commander and experience our self how is it to switch from other CAD systems.


Modern DWG Editing Across All Your Devices

Much more than a suite of three CAD solutions, our Trinity concept combines the strengths of desktop computers, mobile devices and cloud computing into a unique CAD ecosystem. With ARES Commander, you keep the ability to work offline on your main computers as usual. With ARES Kudo and ARES Touch you further add the agility of Cloud and Mobile CAD.

ARES: The N°1 alternative CAD platform for developers

Millions of professionals are using CAD software based on ARES Commander: Developers will find a powerful API with support for various programming languages including C++, Tx, lisp, 
VSTA, DCL, Visual Studio, COM, Active X.


The ARES Trinity API brings C++, LISP, DCL and Qt on all three platforms: ARES Commander (Windows, Mac and Linux), ARES Touch (Android and iOS) and ARES Kudo (Cloud). Developers will find an easy path to migrate code initially created for Windows-based applications to Cloud and Mobile as well. Graebert aims at offering developers a very cost-effective programming environment to maintain the same core features on multiple platforms.