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Bluebeam Revu Takeoffs

Bluebeam Revu Takeoffs

Today’s newsletter is dedicated to sharing a few handy tips and insights on how you can implement Quantity takeoffs in Bluebeam® Revu® effectively. Focused on saving time and ensuring you have more accurate takeoffs. By using the custom tools available in Revu® and the markups list, you will see how easy it is to collect all of your data in order to generate estimates without any extra effort.

The topics:

  • Basics – Learn how to start and make use of takeoff’s on a new document in Bluebeam® Revu®.

  • Calibration – Calibrate your PDF, ensuring that your measurements are accurate throughout your document.

  • Measurement Tools – Applying the correct measurement tools and using the volume tool to your benefit by setting the related depth using the measurements panel. Try changing the unit measurement, for example from cubic feet to cubic metre. As you progress you will see how these properties are used for reporting and ultimately to build out the estimate.

  • Tool Chest – Add all the tools that you use frequently on documents to the tool chest so that they are super easy to access and so you don’t have to create new tools each time.

  • Markups List – Understand how all of the data associated with the markups you have created on a document are automatically updated on the mark ups list. Apply custom columns, for example columns to calculate costs and selected material types. While giving each measurement tool a subject type, all of your measurements are sorted simultaneously. We see this as a great benefit when it comes time for summary reporting.

  • Dynamic Legend Feature – This feature allows you to display data from the markups list on to a relevant document/drawing which will also update immediately, saving you the trouble of having to search or double check data on markup lists that tend to grow longer as a project proceeds.

  • Summary Report – Learn some useful options in display and select how you would like your data to be displayed in a PDF list form.

  • Quantity Link – Alternatively you can also link your markups list to an Excel spreadsheet which automatically updates the data using quantity link, putting a stop to tedious manual data entry.

The demonstrations:

Revu® Takeoffs – Concrete

Revu® Takeoffs – Steel

Revu® Takeoffs – MEP

Find out more on Bluebeam® Revu®:
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