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New Features ARES® Commander 2020

New Features ARES® Commander 2020

Introducing ARES Commander 2020, we have created a summary below of the most useful features included in the new version!

Drawing Compare

  • Compare two versions of a drawing to display the differences with colors
  • The new Drawing Compare palette allows you to compare the current drawing with another drawing

Custom Blocks Improvements

  • Convert dynamic blocks into custom blocks: You can use dynamic blocks created with AutoCAD as they are.
  • They will keep their intelligence and parameters in ARES Commander.
  • Alternatively use the CBCONVERT command to convert them into custom blocks which definition can be further modified with ARES Commander.

Work Faster in 3D

  • New OFFSETEDGES and CONVERTEDGES commands; these new commands help you to extract 2D entities from the edges of 3D solids or surfaces.
  • This is in particular useful to extract construction entities you will use as a reference to create other 3D shapes combining with boolean operations or Push/Pull actions.

Customize your Workspaces

  • The new CAD General workspace offers an alternative ribbon to the default “Drafting & Annotation” workspace of ARES Commander.
  • Icons are reorganised to facilitate the switch from AutoCAD or other similar CAD software.
  • Reorganise the user interface of ARES Commander as you wish and save your configuration as a new workspace.
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