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TechScience UK is a software and consultancy company focused on helping Architectural, Engineering, and Construction offices provide the best possible services when implementing new software. 

Our team consists of Architects and Engineers with many years of experience in the fields of Architecture and Structural Engineering. With our practical knowledge of the industry, we can provide much more than any typical technical software support. Including additional design & consultancy services, that can help our clients to be more productive and meet today’s needs in quality and speed.

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How much time would Revu save you?

How much time would Revu save you?

Revu saves the average user an impressive +- 37 Mins per day

Read on to see how this substantial saving adds up over a period of time as AEC industry professionals continue to implement the program, allowing them to collaborate digitally and therefore get more done with the time that they have. 

Time savings per team:

1 User of Bluebeam Revu

Time Savings: 37 Minutes per day
Allowing individuals to focus on more high-impact work.

10 Users of Bluebeam Revu

Time Savings: 61 Days per year 
Adding up to more than 2 months of extra work time for your team.

50 Users of Bluebeam Revu

Time Savings: 308 Days per year
An incredible 4/5 of a year would be saved for a team of 50 applying Revu!

Turbocharge your design review:

"The advantage of doing design review inside of Studio Sessions is having all of your information and comments in one place on one set of files."

Digital transformation to the rescue

In more recent years, the digital transformation in the construction industry has played a significant role in making many common industry workflows easier and more efficient. Design review is one workflow that has benefited largely from the evolution of the digital age in construction.

 In particular, just as Bluebeam Revu has played a hugely valuable role in digitising the process of viewing and marking up PDF documents, Studio in Revu—which allows any user to store and manage documents with Studio Projects as well as collaborate on documents with Studio Sessions—has completely transformed the way project teams are able to facilitate the design review process.
This story was originally published by Bluebeam, Inc. on the Bluebeam Blog.
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