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TechScience UK is a software and consultancy company focused on helping Architectural, Engineering, and Construction offices provide the best possible services when implementing new software. 

Our team consists of Architects and Engineers with many years of experience in the fields of Architecture and Structural Engineering. With our practical knowledge of the industry, we can provide much more than any typical technical software support. Including additional design & consultancy services, that can help our clients to be more productive and meet today’s needs in quality and speed.

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Demolition Design, Simulation, & Analysis

Using Extreme Loading® for Structures (ELS) software, ASI’s structural engineers can now provide an accurate design, 3-D simulation, and analysis of proposed demolition. ELS can be used to design and evaluate for controlled collapse demolitions (implosion, pushing, or pulling) or manual deconstruction (using high-reach excavators and other equipment).
The software allows the user to build a complete model in 3-D with all of the structural details and see the results of each demolition plan without putting any life or property at risk. ELS is the only software available that can be used by structural engineers to fully analyze demolition scenarios. This is because ELS is built around the Applied Element Method (AEM) which performs nonlinear dynamic structural analysis, the only method that automatically calculates crack initiation, propagation and separation of elements.
Progressive Collapse of an RC Structure
Displacement Chart of a High Rise During Progressive Collapse
CFS Structure During Progressive Collapse
Bending Moment of an RC Structure During Progressive Collapse

Demolition Design, Simulation, & Analysis Using ELS:

  • Demolition Analysis

    Given the actual demolition plan, ASI’s structural engineers using ELS can provide an accurate analysis of a proposed plan or develop one from scratch. If the proposed demolition plan indicates the possibility of a mishap or hazard, the engineer can suggest alternative scenarios, modifications to the planned approach, as well as provide engaging visuals early on in the bidding process to encourage plan approval or for display in public forums.

  • Wind Analysis

    Using ELS ASI’s structural engineers can provide an assessment of high wind on a structure that is being weakened for demolition

  • Seismic Analysis

    Using ELS ASI’s structural engineers can provide a seismic analysis due to the propagation of seismic waves created by structural debris to study the effect of the demolition on neighboring structures.

  • Comparative Analysis

    Using ASI’s structural engineers can provide a comparison of the actual demolition with the predicted outcome of the demolition plan can also be generated. ASI can combine both the predictive simulation and the actual demolition videos as a side-by-side reference for further analysis or marketing purposes.

*Applied Science International and select Exclusive Demolition Analysis Members around the world are the sole providers of demolition analysis services and is not included in the ELS License Agreement.  If you have a demolition project or are interested in more information about ASI’s demolition analysis services please visit Demolition Analysis Website for more information. Click on the logo to the left to find the Exclusive Demolition Analysis Member in your region.