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TechScience UK is a software and consultancy company focused on helping Architectural, Engineering, and Construction offices provide the best possible services when implementing new software. 

Our team consists of Architects and Engineers with many years of experience in the fields of Architecture and Structural Engineering. With our practical knowledge of the industry, we can provide much more than any typical technical software support. Including additional design & consultancy services, that can help our clients to be more productive and meet today’s needs in quality and speed.

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December 2020

Bluebeam Revu - Sketching - TechScience

Sketching with Bluebeam Revu might be something you haven’t heard of before and you’re not alone. In fact, many people in the AEC industry may not realize the program's capabilities with this.The custom templates, toolsets, and markup tools actually make Revu ideal for sketching!An example could be a simple RFI or a draft of a design idea that needs to be approved by a client...

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As the amount of AEC industry professionals working remotely continues to grow and the restrictions on social distancing are still going strong, we've decided to launch our brand new Bluebeam Revu Online Training! You and your team can now learn exactly what you need to on Bluebeam Revu, without having to go into the office and without having to worry about social distancing, isn't that just a...

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From RVT and IFC BIM Projects to CAD in DWG ARES Commander has the capability to create 2D drawings in DWG format from a BIM project. The software can import BIM files in RVT format of Revit, or IFC format. You can even combine different BIM files to mix the BIM information from several different sources. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOALz8VSGWI&feature=youtu.beIn this video demonstration, different BIM drawings have been created...

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