TechScience UK | Structural Engineering
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Structural Engineering

Scia Engineer

SCIA Engineer is an integrated, multi-material structural analysis and design software for all kinds of structures. Its wide range of functionality makes it deployable for any construction type: design office buildings, industrial plants, bridges or any other project, all within the same easy-to-use environment.

In addition to a state-of-the art modelling, mesh generator and high-performance finite element solver, it features integrated tools to check or optimize the structure to a variety of international and national building codes.


Teretron software was designed with the aim of simplifying structural timber design for the practicing structural engineer. It combines an easy and modern intuitive user interface, with the widest coverage of Eurocode 5 in the market (EN 1995-1-1: 2004+A1:2008), as well as full integration of structural fire design (EN 1995-1-2:2004).

IDEA StatiCa

IDEA Statica is a revolutionary software for the analysis & design of steel connections according to EC/AISC, that is based on CBFEM – the latest innovation in structural engineering. The result is a modern software that offers an unique and comprehensive – but very simple – way of working that distinguishes it from the rest of the software that exist on the market. At the same time, it allows structural engineers to perform very complicated analysis procedures, like buckling and stiffness, in a matter of minutes.