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  Link & Organize

Get to where you want to go faster.

Links makes it easier than ever to add and manage hyperlinks in a PDF. Configure hyperlinks to display websites and networked files, or jump to specific pages or snapshot views in your PDF. Create and name link destinations, otherwise known as Places, and then hyperlink to those Places in the current PDF or another PDF. Link up entire document sets quickly and easily using Batch Link® (Revu eXtreme only) to automatically generate an unlimited number of hyperlinks by File Name, Page Label or Page Region. All document hyperlinks are displayed in a list for easy editing and organization, with default visual properties that can be set by the user. The convenient LinkSaver™ even preserves links and relative paths automatically when you combine or separate documents with hyperlinks. Ready, set, go!

Sometimes we all need some space.

Define a Space on a PDF, name it, shade it and Revu will do the rest. Once a Space has been defined, all markups added to that Space will be tracked in the Markups list, which can be filtered to show detailed information. Copy and paste Spaces across other pages and files, create Area measurements and add hyperlinks to and from Spaces. There’s no limit to the number of Spaces within Spaces that you can create. Need to edit a Space? No problem. Just use the Space Editor to edit single Spaces or multiple Spaces at once.

More than a table of contents

Revu automatically adds bookmarks when creating PDFs from Microsoft Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint®, AutoCAD®, Revit® and SolidWorks®. Create bookmarks from PDF page labels, and labels from bookmarks. Define a page region that contains searchable text, such as a title block, and automatically generate bookmark names or page labels from that content. Bookmarks do more than jump to specific pages in a PDF; they can also be assigned snapshot views, take you to a webpage on the Internet, and open files. Just add a bookmark and apply an action. It’s simple.

The few, the proud, the flags.

Like bookmarks, PDF Flags can be used to jump to a specific page in a PDF, or open a website or file. PDF Flags can also be used to draw your attention to important information such as signature lines or notes in a large document.

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