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  Tablet version

Tablet users love it.

Bluebeam Revu is the complete PDF markup, editing and collaboration tool for tablet PC users, including Windows 8 devices with high-resolution displays up to 4K. Quickly review and annotate PDF files with the ease of your tablet pen. Copy and paste between Revu and Windows tablet applications (i.e., Journal™ and OneNote™) and insert pages with one tap of the stylus. The pen is truly mightier than the keyboard.


Markup tools are located to the right of the main workspace for quick access. The high-resolution Pen and Highlight tools make it easy to comment on a document with freehand text or diagrams. Use the top of the tablet pen as an eraser to delete any unwanted marks, and leverage your tablet’s built-in camera to instantly add photos and video to PDFs and markups on the fly. Lines, clouds and images are accessible within a few clicks.


Revu uses tabbed navigation, making it easy to open and review multiple PDF files simultaneously. Double-tap on the workspace and a zoom control will appear. Simply slide your pen up/down to zoom in/out. You even have the option to pan and zoom while making annotations with a stylus on Windows 8 tablets.

Edit Pages

Feel free to change the size, layout and overall look and feel of your PDFs with Revu. PDF editing options include the ability to delete, rotate and insert blank and existing pages as well as copy and paste true text from your PDFs into Microsoft Office files such as Word, Journal™ and OneNote™.

Pressure Sensitivity

With pressure sensitivity technology, Revu simulates the characteristics of writing with pen and paper. Thicker ink lines appear when pressing harder on the tablet screen and thinner ink lines appear with a light touch.

Free Text

The Free Text markup tool makes use of the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) when adding a Free Text or Callout annotation. Write on the upper half of the input panel and the text will appear in the lower half. Use the caps lock and all your text will appear in upper case. A delete, backspace, return and space button are included to make editing a breeze. An additional benefit with these types of annotations is that they are all text-searchable.

Full Screen Mode

The Revu interface can be changed to Full Screen mode, removing all panels, menus and toolbars from the interface for maximum PDF viewing. Full screen mode displays a customizable floating toolbar that can be used to add markups while in this mode.


Draw a region with the stylus to select all annotations within the region for group operations. You can select multiple annotations to copy, delete, modify, move or group them together.

Work smarter than ever before.