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Your autograph, please.

Monitor the status of all digital signatures and certificates within the Digital Signatures tab, including invisible signatures from services such as DocuSign or digital IDs with embedded timestamps, which meet the requirement for PAdes LTV support.

Make sure confidential information remains that way.

Bluebeam Revu provides two ways to secure your PDF file. Apply a password to open the PDF file or set permissions to what your recipients can and cannot do. Limit printing, copying, adding markups or any type of file editing to control what happens after you push send.

Your stamp of approval.

Use Revu’s markup tools to create custom stamps for review processes that include your company logo, dynamic date and time, Javascript and signature fields. Save stamps in Revu’s stamp folder or to the exclusive Tool Chest for easy reuse, and stamp an entire folder of PDFs at once.

Keep your markups in place.

Flatten all markups, or individual markups, to make them a part of your PDF content. Ensure your markups will print for anyone who receives your PDF, and that your markups cannot be edited or deleted by anyone other than you. Simple enough? We think so.

Included in these editions:


Work smarter than ever before.