ARES® Commander – 3 Year Subscription


per license (excl. VAT)


The 3 year all-inclusive license for ARES Commander!

Including all updates and technical email support + ARES Touch for your smartphones/ tablets + ARES Kudo (Cloud version).

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Much more than a suite of three CAD solutions, our Trinity of CAD concept combines the strengths of desktop computers, mobile devices and cloud computing into a unique CAD ecosystem. With ARES Commander (for Windows, macOS and Linux), you keep the ability to create and modify DWG files offline on your main computers as usual. With ARES Kudo and ARES Touch you further add the agility of Cloud and Mobile CAD.

Why would you buy a 3 year subscription?

The 3 years plan is the most cost-effective if you want to keep enjoying upgrades and the Trinity concept with ARES Kudo + ARES Touch. The cumulative cost with a 3 Year Plan is lower than for a Perpetual license with yearly subscription renewals. The 3 years plan is even more cost-effective if you compare the cost over a 15 years time! From a pure economic perspective, the Perpetual license is most interesting, especially if you would prefer to pay once and not buy any upgrades after.

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